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Website Builder Overview

Support Service

After you get your new website, you can take control of editing and updating your website. Come and take a website class yourself or send your staff for 3 hours course. 

Training Videos

Customize your website easily. These training videos guide you in your design, edit website journey. You are in safe hands.
Video 1 - Website Builder Overview

Video 2 - Edit your website content

Video 3 - Add a new content block

Video 4 - Replace image in the content block
Video 5 - Move content block

Video 6 - Change content block's background
Video 7 - Set image as content block's background
Video 8 - Remove content block

Video 9 - Add files to website

Video 10 - Add a photo gallery to a new page
Video 11 - Rename and reorder a sub page
Video 12 - Hide a subpage from menu

Video 13 - Create a drop down sub menu

Video 14 - Remove a subpage

Video 15 - Change website colors

Video 16 - Change menu design

Video 17 - Create a new logo

Video 18 - Hide website builder's tool bar
Video 19 - Add and edit a location map

Video 20 - Add search form to website

Video 21 - Add social media buttons